Getting Started With Content Marketing For Small Business

Content marketing has been used by businesses for over a century, but it’s only begun to truly gain ground as an online marketing technique.

Customers love sites with customized content. It makes them feel like they’re shopping with a friend. Think of it as a marketing option that’s actually useful to customers. […]

Why Building An Online Audience Is The New Marketing

The best way to market your business is by building an online audience.

Once you’ve built the audience, they’ll do much of the marketing for you. After all, having a website or social media page isn’t useful if not one ever sees it.

Many businesses think of building their audience as a wasted expense. Your audience is the most valuable asset and it should be a top marketing priority.


Big Words Are Making You Stupid

Well okay, maybe they aren’t making you stupid but to your potential customers they’re making you look stupid. According to a recent study from Princeton, using big words can make your audience think you aren’t as smart as if you were using smaller words.  Derek Halpern over at Social Triggers just did a video on the study and he explains the science of it way better than I ever could so you should go check that out and get all the details, but the long and short of it is people don’t trust big words. […]

Make It Rain!

Traditional marketing is out. Its over. Get used to it. If you are going to do business online, or offline, but especially online then you need to start thinking about media. You may know it as Content Marketing, but as Brian Clark explains in his new podcast New Rainmaker that term isn’t really fitting because for one, content is vague. Content can be writing, music, art, video, as Brian explains it, the Louvre is filled with “content” that just happens to be surrounded by frames. Marketing is even worse because marketing is something people try to get away from, they don’t like to be sold but they do like consuming “content” as long as its interesting or of value to your audience. […]