How To Use Video To Promote Your Business

Video is one of the most popular forms of content on the Internet, yet many businesses never use it.

Using video to promote your business is easier than you think. You don’t need a large budget or complex videos to get your message out there.

With billions of videos being viewed every day on YouTube, you owe it to your business to become one of those videos. Use video to connect in a different way than text alone and you could see conversions increase.

Share Testimonials

A text based testimonial is helpful. A video based one is more powerful. A viewer connects more with someone they actually see and hear. Ask some of your happy customers to video themselves talking about your products and services. Combine these into a testimonial compilation. These are ideal for placing on your website, blog or a video site such as YouTube. These videos allow your current customers to speak to potential customers.

Add Tutorials

Do your customers or site visitors have questions about using your products and services? Create videos that teach your customers how to do specific things with your products. Maybe the instructions aren’t clear enough with the product itself. Expand upon them with a video. This not only existing customers, but it encourages potential customers to buy your products after seeing them in use.

Another way to market with this type of video is to add them to blog posts. Walk readers through your written steps and show them how your product solves an every day problem. This type of video promotion is useful and increases sales.

Introduce Your Business

When people shop online, they’re not able to see the owner or employees. They don’t really know much about the business. This causes some people to hesitate when it comes to buying from businesses they’ve never tried before. Add videos to your YouTube channel or website that introduce you and your employees.

Talk about what made you start the business and your dedication to customer satisfaction. You could even take viewers on a tour of the company and show them how your products are made. It’s a more personalized way for people to get to know more about your business.

Tease New Products

Many businesses create TV and online ads to tease new products. Your business can do the same thing. Try to get creative with this type of video. Spoof a popular music video or current event. Adding some light humor to a teaser video is a great way to increase views. The idea is to create a video that hints at a new product or product line, but doesn’t actually say what the product is until the end. Some businesses even do a series of videos for a product launch. This engages the audience and they share the videos with their friends as a result.

Things To Avoid

Viewers don’t expect your videos to be perfect, but there are a few things you should avoid to ensure you keep your audience’s attention. The two most important things is to keep videos short and avoid a boring script. A long video only works if it’s highly engaging throughout. A video of the owner talking about a single product for 10 minutes won’t get as many views as one of the owner showing the product in use for two minutes. A script is useful, but don’t just read from the script. This makes the audio sound dull and boring.

Make your videos either entertaining or useful. Using video to promote your business means going beyond a basic ad. No one wants to sit down and view an ad for a product that’s just a person talking about the features for a few minutes. Treat your videos as you would treat your blog. The idea is to engage the viewer as much as possible so they want to buy your products and share the video with others.

Avoid simply ending your videos. Add a short call to action that’s no more than 5-10 seconds. Many YouTube videos have a message on the screen with contact information. This ensures the viewer knows to take action once the video ends. If the video isn’t on your website, direct them back to your site with your call to action.


You don’t have to use video promotion all the time. It’s a nice touch to a regular blog or to show visitors how to use your products. Many people would rather watch a video than read text. Having both is a great way to market your business and cater to all types of visitors.

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