Make It Rain!

Traditional marketing is out. Its over. Get used to it. If you are going to do business online, or offline, but especially online then you need to start thinking about media. You may know it as Content Marketing, but as Brian Clark explains in his new podcast New Rainmaker that term isn’t really fitting because for one, content is vague. Content can be writing, music, art, video, as Brian explains it, the Louvre is filled with “content” that just happens to be surrounded by frames. Marketing is even worse because marketing is something people try to get away from, they don’t like to be sold but they do like consuming “content” as long as its interesting or of value to your audience.

The Age Of The Creator

For your marketing to be effective you need to start providing value to your target audience. You need to become a creator. Its much more effective to show people you are an expert by providing them with valuable information then it is just telling them that you are the best. Put your money where your mouth is! Now is the time to start your blog, or podcast, or give away your free ebook or whatever it is that you are creating to help your customers. Already have a blog? Is it all posts about your company or your products or services? Guess what? No one cares! That is why you aren’t getting any traffic or customers from your blog. Your customers don’t care about you…yet.

Once you start providing content for them, that’s when they will start to care. When you start to give them resources to help them grow their business, lose weight, do their own home repairs, whatever it is that you can help them do, that is when they will start to care, that is when you will start to build your audience.

[quote style=”boxed”] You are building a relationship with your ideal audience and for that you will be rewarded.[/quote]

You can still sell, just sell better

Now don’t get me wrong, you can still sell your stuff, but its a lot easier to sell your stuff to someone who 1) needs it, and 2) knows you have the skills or product to provide it. On his podcast Brian uses the example of Marvel. Marvel doesn’t make a ton of money on movies, the production companies that spent millions of dollars producing the movies do, but that is Marvel’s content, its a 2 hour commercial that you paid $11 to see so that you would go out and buy that spiderman action figure or giant hulk hands for your kids, or a t-shirt that says “with great power comes great responsibility”. They produced great content and then you wanted their stuff.

Another great example from the podcast was Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vaynerchuk created WineLibraryTv which was a YouTube show he created about wine to grow his family’s wine business. He created a show that talked about wine and you know who loved it? People who bought wine. So much so that it grew the wine business from $3 million to over $40 million.

What now?

Well for starters go listen to the New Rainmaker podcast, Brian Clark knows his stuff when it comes to creating media. And be sure and give the podcast a chance, I have a super short attention span and it was a little monotone so it was hard to keep my attention at first but the info is so good I ended up listening to three more episodes back to back. So sign up, get the podcast and get to learnin’.

The next thing you need to do is define your ideal customer, know who you are trying to attract and be specific, the goal is to find more of the customers you want so you don’t have to work with the customers you don’t. Once you have defined your ideal customer then figure out what information you have that they want. For example, we have a product built specifically for author websites so we created a weekly YouTube show for authors on how to use social media to market your books, what music to listen to while you write, ways to fund your writing, and so on. What I don’t do on this show is sell author websites, I let them know who we are and provide value and when they are ready, they will come looking for us because we helped them sell more books, or provided them with writing tips, or entertainment. We gave, instead of asked.

Got the information they want? Good. Now give it to them. Doesn’t matter how, make a video show, a free guide, a blog, a podcast. Put it together and get it out there. It won’t happen overnight, you aren’t trading dollars for customers like your used to. You are building a relationship with your ideal audience and for that you will be rewarded.

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