American United


The Brief

When American United approached us they had no website.  They were looking for a way to interact with existing and potential customers in a way that helped build trust in the brand as well as help educate their customers around their products and how that affected their lives.  They also needed a way to capture potential client information so they could contact them and schedule a consultation.

Our Approach

We designed the site to be very user friendly and the fonts, colors, and imagery we used were specifically selected to resonate with their target market.  We enhanced the top of the site to specifically drive users into providing their email address in order to schedule a free consultation in order to capture those leads and build a list to market to on an ongoing basis.

We also developed an ebook around retirement planning to funnel additional users into the mailing list so that we can continue to educate and nurture those leads for working with in the future.

This focus on sales funnel allows American United to build a lot of value for their customers while building a system for producing steady, well educated leads to continue to grow their business.