Why Building An Online Audience Is The New Marketing

The best way to market your business is by building an online audience.

Once you’ve built the audience, they’ll do much of the marketing for you. After all, having a website or social media page isn’t useful if not one ever sees it.

Many businesses think of building their audience as a wasted expense. Your audience is the most valuable asset and it should be a top marketing priority.

Brand Ambassadors Market For You

The most effective type of marketing is still word of mouth. The online version of that is social media, reviews and recommendations on business directories. Millions are eager to share their opinions every day. If you don’t have an online audience, there’s no one to talk about you. When you build an audience, you create loyal brand ambassadors.

You don’t need hundreds of thousands of these ambassadors. A small core group is all you need in the beginning. Reach out to them and let them know how valuable they are and how much you appreciate their positive reviews. They’ll share your business with a hundred of their friends. If only 10% try your business, that’s still 10 more customers than you had before. This is 10 more customers who will recommend you to their friends and family. It creates a domino effect of organic marketing.

Visitors Improve Rank

Most every online business knows search engine rank is important. Boosting rank means more than strategically placing keywords. Some of Google’s main ranking factors involve how long a visitor stays on a page, how many pages they visit and social media shares and mentions through Google+. Without working to build an audience, your site might not get the views it needs to rank consistently. This leads to a massive loss in potential search engine traffic.

Taking steps to guide visitors to your site is crucial to your business’s success. Of course, this also means having a user friendly site that keeps visitors glued to the pages for more than just a few seconds. The idea is to engage them so they make purchases, read your blog and share what they’ve found with their friends.

Audiences Create Backlinks

Backlinks are another popular marketing method. Before Google change its algorithms, some businesses purchased thousands of backlinks to help them rank higher than the competition. Now, only quality backlinks gained naturally help improve a site’s rank. One of the best ways to do this is through quality content creation. This can be through blogging, guest blogging, downloadable guides or any other type of content.

The more useful the content is, the more likely others will want to share it or reference it. For instance, Backlinko’s Brian Dean wrote a post on Google’s ranking factors. The content was highly relevant to the site and useful to the targeted audience. In just two weeks, the post had earned more than 2000 backlinks and the site saw a 110% increase in search engine traffic. No ads or other type of marketing was involved. The success was due to providing content to the existing audience and letting them place links. This creates a larger audience with every useful post.

Building An Online Audience

Businesses are beginning to see how valuable their audience is to their marketing efforts. This means they’re spending less time on random ads and more time nurturing their existing audience. There are several highly effective ways to create a loyal online audience that helps with your marketing efforts. It’s much easier to market your business when you have hundreds or thousands working on the same end goal.

Some common techniques include:

  • Connecting with social media followers
  • Blogging useful content regularly
  • Providing incentives for email sign-ups
  • Guest blogging on popular blogs in your niche

The idea is to build trust with your audience by providing them with valuable information. Social media is a great place to share links, but it’s also ideal for Q&As with your followers. Introduce yourself. Ask for advice on how you can improve the business. Run contests to give them something in return for helping with marketing. The more you interact with your current audience, the more your audience will grow.


Building an online audience takes time, but it’s well worth the time. Think of this audience as a constantly growing marketing team. They believe in your business 100% because they have actual experience with it. That type of marketing is priceless. With search engines valuing the consumer experience more than ever, your audience should be your main priority with marketing.

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