Why We Create Content

Content is hard.  

It takes a lot of time, and the payoff isn’t immediate.  So why bother?

There are two reasons to write content. (I’m sure there are more but this is my article, go write your own article).

  1. As a marketing gimmick.  You heard somewhere that if you write a blog post every week it will go viral and you will earn a ton of traffic and make handfuls of cash.
  2. You truly want to help people and hopefully earn some customers along the way.

Today we are going to focus on the second reason because the first reason is crap.  If you are doing this SOLELY for traffic then it’s likely you are putting out junk articles and the internet is already full of junk so let’s do everyone a favor and cut that crap out.

Now don’t feel guilty if you are wanting traffic from your blog, everyone does. I certainly do.  Just make sure that isn’t the only reason you are doing it or your results will be subpar.  You will be disappointed, your readers and potential customers will be disappointed, it’s not good.

If you focus on producing good content, content that is useful, then the traffic and shares and all that other stuff will follow.  And sure, there is strategy behind it to make sure you are making the most out of your time, but that is for another post.

Why We Do It

When we produce content, whether it be an email newsletter, blog post, video or whatever, the goal is to give you something you didn’t have before.  If you get one thing that is valuable for your business then we are happy with that.

Our business exists to help other business thrive online.  Any idiot can throw up a static, boring website. Seriously, come to Seattle, throw a rock, and you will hit 10 guys (or gals 🙂 that will throw up a website in a weekend for a case of beer.  

That is boring.  

We got into this to help businesses grow.  We want a business to have a strategy for growth, a return on their investment, not just a website.  

I don’t say this to brag, this isn’t an advertisement for our company (well not just an advertisement for our company) but this is the culture behind our business.  

That’s our why.

Your why may be different but that why should be the driving force behind all the content you produce.  

Once you learn that then all the traffic and social shares, and all of that will fall into place.  And then content suddenly isn’t as hard, not something you dread but something that is part of your company.  

Don’t Be That Guy

One other thing while we are on the topic of content.

Don’t be stingy with your content!  

Sure if you have some proprietary formula for a flux capacitor that you don’t want spreading across the web then don’t write about it, but when you write content make sure it has value for your customers.  

Don’t give them just enough to whet their appetite.

They’ve stuck with you for 1000+ words and now you are going to stiff them the punchline?

Don’t be that guy.

Give them an answer, give them homework, give them a task to go out and complete to move their business forward (or whatever their goal is).

Is this going to cost you some customers?  You bet, and that is exactly what you want.  You don’t want DIYers taking up your time asking you to show them how to do it.  You want to prove your knowledge so that the guys that don’t want to do it, the ones who would rather you do it so they can focus on their own business, come to you to get it done and let you do what you do best.

When (or if) those DIYers get tired of trying to figure things out for themselves, they will come to you.  If not, then they will be the fans who tell their friends how much you know your stuff and be a great source of referrals.  If not at least you get some good karma out of it.

That’s all there is to it people.

Do good.  Build value.  Don’t be a dick.

Now go create something awesome.

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