You Don’t Need More Traffic.

The number one thing my clients ask me by far is how to get more traffic to their website. After all more traffic means more sales which means more revenue. Right?

Nope. Not usually.

Before you write me off as some crazy person who doesn’t know what they are talking about, hear me out.

Let’s start off with a little story about 2 business owners, Jack and Jill.

Jack and Jill both have fancy new websites, freshly launched and looking to grow. Jack invests lots of money into SEO and within a few weeks his traffic is growing at a nice big steady pace. Before long Jack’s website is getting around 10,000 hits per month.

But Jack is sad.

Despite his traffic he isn’t doing much more business, he gets a few more calls but nothing close to what he was expecting with this amount of traffic. He knows Jill’s business is doing so much better, she is consistently booked with clients and her revenue is growing month over month.

Jill’s website on the other hand is growing much slower. Her traffic is much lower than Jack’s and she isn’t even doing any extra SEO other than the basics. Clocking in around 1000 hits per month, just 1/10th of Jack’s traffic, how is Jill’s business doing so much better?


While Jack was focused so much on just increasing traffic, he forgot one crucial step (and he isn’t alone). Jack didn’t have any systems in place for lead capture and nurturing. Sure, he has a contact form and a phone number on the site but he didn’t have any way of enticing his visitors to sign up for his email list.

Jill on the other hand created a handy guide and checklist for her potential customers that she would email to them if they signed up for her email list. Once they did she followed up with an automated email course that kept providing valuable information that helped those potential customers and helped Jill establish herself in those customer’s eyes as an expert. Once they were through the email course she invited them for a consultation.

Bam! New leads for Jill.

Jack’s mistake wasn’t that he was focusing on traffic, it was that he had no plan of what to do with that traffic once it got to his site. He didn’t even have any way to tell if that traffic was qualified!

Lucky for Jack and a lot of you out there in the same boat, this is easily fixed.

So how do you fix it? Why, I’m glad you asked! (*use your best infomercial announcer voice here*)

Research, Research, Research.

First step? Understand your target customer. This is where a lot of people freeze and there are probably a lot of you right now who stopped and have a crazy deer in the headlights look on your face right now. Seriously, look at your face right now. Classic.

Don’t freak out! I said your target customer, not your only customer.

Let’s say you have a product that works equally well for wedding planners and Girl Scout cookie sales.

You can’t very well market to these two groups using the same topics, techniques, copy, etc. So you have to pick one. Don’t worry you can follow this plan for as many niches as you want but for now we need to pick one.

Easiest way? Think back to the best customer you ever had. What if your business was filled with customers like that? Now write down what made that customer perfect. Did they trust you, have a good budget, appreciate your knowledge? Whatever it was, write it down.

This is now your target customer.

Create An Incentive

Now that you know who you are going to try and attract to your list, we need to create an incentive to get them to sign up.

Start by thinking about the target customer we identified in the previous step. What information would be valuable to them?

A great place to start is looking back at previous customers. What are the top 5 questions that you get asked by nearly every one of your customers? Write them out, fill in the answers and there is your guide right there.

Let’s go back to the wedding planner example.

You are a wedding planner, and every time you work with a new bride you always get these questions…

  • How long in advance do I need to book a venue?
  • How do I find the right florist?
  • How do I find a good DJ?
  • How do I know if I’ve found the right man
  • Oh my gosh am I making a terrible mistake…

Sorry got carried away there. Anyway, you catch my drift.

So armed with these questions you write a small ebook called “5 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding” and then share each question with a mistake you’ve seen and then your advice.

An ebook? I don’t know how to write an ebook?

Chill out. Open a word doc, write your questions and answers, save as a PDF.


Don’t over complicate this. The information is where the value comes in, not the presentation. After you start booking a ton of new clients then go back, hire a designer and make the book look purdy.

Now load that into your email newsletter program to auto send to new signups and you are well on your way.

In its most basic form, you are now done. You are now far beyond others in your same position.

You want more? Okay…

Nurture Those Leads!

Chances are while you are now capturing more and more of that highly coveted traffic and converting them into email subscribers you aren’t seeing a ton of new customers yet.

Why not? Trust.

You have only now started to gain that person’s trust. You went from a complete stranger to a complete stranger who seems like they know what they are talking about.

Your job now is to build upon that trust that is just starting to grow.

This is where a good email course or follow up campaign comes in.

Yes, I know you just wrote an ebook and you’re tired, but buck up. It builds character!

And, there is no need to start from scratch. Take your ebook, take those 5 questions and send an email each day for 5 days that elaborates on each question. Tell a story about a client who had a similar issue and how you resolved it. At the end, ask a question of your lead, something along the lines of “What are you struggling with most in planning your wedding?”

Getting them to reply directly to your email provides a benefit to you in at least 2 ways. 1) It opens up a dialog with that potential customer and now you have a warm lead. 2) If a person responds to your list that will make your email a lot less likely to go to spam in the future as the email program sees that they responded and assumes that that email is wanted.

By the end of this email course you should either have a new warm lead or you should automatically drop them into your weekly/monthly/etc email newsletter so that you can continue to nurture, teach, and build trust with that person. When the time is right they will likely reach back out.

Ask For The Sale

At this point you should have asked for the sale at least 2-3 times. If not then you are definitely doing something wrong. You will have a hard time getting customers if you never ask for them.

Now if you are like many of the business owners I work with on a regular basis then you are probably saying, “… but I hate sales!”


No sales, no revenue, no business.

That doesn’t mean you need to go all used-car-salesman on them either, but you have to ask.

After they’ve download your ebook, somewhere in your course after emails 2 or 3 and at the very end of your course, you need to ask for the sale.

This can be something simple like, “Hit reply and let’s schedule your free consultation” or “For the next 7 days get 30% off our basic package, and if for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied we will refund you in full, no questions asked.”

These are not hard sale techniques, I’m personally very anti-hard sale, but you have to ask the customer to take the next step or they won’t, sometimes because they simply don’t know what the next step to take is.

Don’t leave it to your customer to figure out how to move forward. Make it easy on them.

So, are you doing this with your list now?

If not then do it, it’s a simple way to take your existing traffic and start turning them into leads and customers. Once this is in place then you can start to look at ways to grow your traffic. Until then get crackin’

Need help implementing any of this? Reach out to info@tacomaphoenix.com and we will help walk you through it. (see what I did there 😉 )

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